Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch
Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch
Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch
Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch
Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch

Spooky 90's S Symbol Embroidered Iron On Patch


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1990's Nostalgia Unleashed: Spooky S Symbol Holographic Embroidered Patch for Jackets, Backpacks, and More!

Take a trip down memory lane with our Spooky S Holographic Embroidered Patch! This patch is a playful nod to the symbols everyone drew in the 90's. It's the perfect accessory to add a touch of nostalgia and spookiness to your jackets, backpacks, totes, and any textile that craves a dash of retro charm. Get ready to unleash your inner 90's kid!

Why this patch is a must-have for your nostalgic style:

♥ 90's Icon Revived: Remember those days when you and your friends would draw these S symbols everywhere? Relive the memories and show off your 90's spirit with this embroidered patch that captures the essence of that era.

♥ Vibrant Holographic Design: The patch features a striking holographic finish that shimmers and shines, adding an extra dose of playful spookiness to your outfits.

♥ Perfectly Sized: With measurements of 7" H x 2.25" W, this patch is just the right size to grab attention and become the focal point of your ensemble. It's a nostalgic statement piece that demands to be noticed.

♥ Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Crafted from vegan holographic vinyl, our patch ensures that no animals were harmed in its creation. You can embrace the spooky aesthetic with a clear conscience.

♥ Superior Craftsmanship: Made with meticulous attention to detail, this patch showcases high-quality embroidery work that ensures long-lasting durability and vibrant colors, so you can rock your retro style for years to come.

♥ Easy Application: Designed for convenience, the patch comes with an iron-on backing, making it a breeze to attach to your favorite items. For added security, we recommend a few stitches to keep it in place during all your adventures.

♥ Embrace the 90's Vibe: Let your inner 90's kid shine with pride as you sport this playful and spooky S patch. It's the perfect way to show off your love for the nostalgia-filled decade.

♥ Artwork by Sonch's Curiosities

Relive the spirit of the 90's with our Spooky S Holographic Embroidered Patch (7" H x 2.25" W). From jackets to backpacks, this playful accessory will transport you back to the era of mixtapes, neon colors, and carefree fun. Embrace your nostalgic side and let your style reflect the spookiness and playfulness of the 90's.

Instructions for applying your patch:

Sewing is always our first preferred method of attaching patches. But you can iron these VERY carefully.

1. Prewash the item you would like to use your patch on. Cotton works best!
2. Pre-heat your iron to cotton setting (no steam!) and lay your garment on hard surface that is heat tolerant.
3. Heat your garment only for 20 seconds in the place you want to have your patch.
4. Then place patch over the desired area, flip the garment over and press firmly for 30 seconds. Do not move iron, only press as moving motions will cause the patch to shift. DO NOT IRON THE FRONT OF THE PATCH. YOU WILL MELT IT!
5. Allow the garment to cool completely before wear or washing.
6. Hang dry only.