Need Coffee To Human Black Vinyl Embroidered Iron-On Patch
Need Coffee To Human Black Vinyl Embroidered Iron-On Patch
Need Coffee To Human Black Vinyl Embroidered Iron-On Patch

Need Coffee To Human Black Vinyl Embroidered Iron-On Patch


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Fuel Your Inner Human with Our "Need Coffee to Human" Embroidered Patch - A Playful Must-Have for Coffee Lovers!

Do you sometimes feel like a robot until you've had your daily dose of coffee? We've got the perfect accessory for you! Our "Need Coffee to Human" Embroidered Patch is here to add a touch of humor and caffeine appreciation to your jacket, shirt, backpack, tote, or any article of clothing or textile. Let the world know that you're a coffee-loving human who thrives on the magical elixir of life.

Why our patch will perk you up:

♥ Playful Design: Our patch proudly showcases the witty phrase "Need Coffee to Human." It's a lighthearted declaration of your undeniable need for that liquid gold that brings out your inner human. Embrace your coffee obsession with a smile!

♥ Perfect Size: Our patch measures 3" W x 1.25" H, making it just the right size to captivate attention without overpowering your ensemble. Whether you choose to make it a bold centerpiece or a subtle accent, it will bewitch all who lay eyes upon it.

♥ Crafted with Love: We believe in compassion and style. That's why our patch is made of high-quality faux leather that's 100% vegan. Not only does it look fabulous, but it also aligns with your values, allowing you to wear it proudly.

♥ High Quality and Durable: Our patch is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring vibrant colors and precise stitching. The faux leather material adds durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your favorite garments or accessories.

♥ Easy Application, Instant Fun: Applying our patch is a breeze! Simply iron it onto your desired fabric, and voila! You've just upgraded your style with a playful coffee twist. It's the perfect conversation starter and a delightful way to share your love for that caffeinated magic.

♥ Embrace Your Coffee Obsession:  Our "Need Coffee to Human" patch is a playful way to declare your love for the world's favorite pick-me-up. Wear it proudly and let others know that you're a fellow caffeine enthusiast.

If you're ready to showcase your coffee addiction with a dash of humor, our embroidered patch is the perfect accessory for you. Grab our "Need Coffee to Human" patch today and let the world know that you're a coffee-loving human who needs that java jolt to start the day. Get ready to wear your coffee obsession on your sleeve (literally!) and share some laughs along the way. Coffee lovers unite!

Instructions for applying your patch:

Sewing is always our first preferred method of attaching patches. But you can iron these VERY carefully.

1. Prewash the item you would like to use your patch on. Cotton works best!
2. Pre-heat your iron to cotton setting (no steam!) and lay your garment on hard surface that is heat tolerant.
3. Heat your garment only for 20 seconds in the place you want to have your patch.
4. Then place patch over the desired area, flip the garment over and press firmly for 30 seconds. Do not move iron, only press as moving motions will cause the patch to shift. DO NOT IRON THE FRONT OF THE PATCH. YOU WILL MELT IT!
5. Allow the garment to cool completely before wear or washing.
6. Hang dry only.