We wanted to do a fun new tutorial for all you jewelry designers out there! This Retro Tropical Tiki Necklace Jewelry Tutorial is a great way to find out what to do with funky beads you have no idea what to use for, but bought them anyways because they are just too gorgeous! So grab your coffee and jewelry tools and let’s get to work!

View this video for the tutorial or scroll down. 

Supply List


Flat Nose, Curved Nose, Cutters, and Crimp Bead tube pliers.

4mm Jump Rings
Lobster Claw Clasp
Jewelry Wire & Matching tube beads size #2
Crimp Bead Covers You may also use wire guards! I just didn’t have any in stock for this color!

Mother of Pearl Shell Spiked Beads
Czech Crystal Rondelle Beads in Bronze
Tiki Totem Bead Pendant

Jewelry Tags-
I get mine from Sparkle Monster and Running with Scissors! Both my besties!! So go support their shops!
Sparkle Monster: www.sparklemostersupply.etsy.com
Running with Scissors: www.runningwithscissorss.etsy.com

Other things that are handy:
Jewelry Mat
Measuring Tape
Coffee…. Lots of Coffee….

Now let’s get crafting!!!


1. Cut 22″ of jewelry wire with your wire cutters.

2. Then arrange your beads your on your bead mat. This will make it much easier to know the placement of each bead when you start stringing them all on your wire.

3. Start stringing each bead from the center out. I started with the main Tiki bead then added the leaf beads and crystal rondelle beads alternating and creating the pattern I liked.

4. Once you get to the end of one side, make sure you have enough slack so you can add your crimp bead and then the jump ring.

5. Bring the wire back through the crimp bead and take your crimping tool and crimp the bead on each side or according to the tools instructions. *Side note* Make sure you have the correct crimp bead size and wire that will work with your tool! Beads do come in different sizes and can effect how your crimp sits on your wire!

6. Next, cover your crimp bead with a crimp bead cover and close with a pair of pliers gently.

7. Tuck in the wires into the beads and snip any excess wire.

8. Proceed to replicate the same pattern on the opposite side and repeat crimping the bead to close with a jump ring as well, hide wire in beads and snip excess.

9. Add a lobster claw clasp to the side where your hand is dominant. I added mine to the right so when I put on the retro tiki necklace I don’t not have to struggle with the clasp attaching!

10. Add a jewelry tag or extra jump rings to the other side.

11. Spare parts? Make a pair of matching earrings to go with this fabulous necklace!

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Tropical Tiki Necklace Tutorial

Heather K.
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